* Subject coverage :

Early holdings of the Henri Gaussen photographic collection, especially photographs taken during work excursions.

Henri Gaussen :

A scientist from Toulouse (South-West of France, capital of Languedoc), botanist, cartographer, one of the founders of phytogeography (study of the plant distribution on the globe surface and of its origins), author of a photographic collection tightly bound with his scientific work.

* Nature of data :

Text only. Access to descriptive entries (written in French) and to a selection of pictures. The first entry is a user guide which defines the fields of a citation.

* Contents :

Description of french, spanish and andorran pyrenean landscapes photographed between 1900 and 1950, mainly negative glass plates (9x12cm.)

- about : mountains, landscape, environment, cultural and historical heritage, architecture ; with a few photographs taken by colleagues or friends (Gadrat, Brunet, Trutat, Frodin...). Individually analysed pictures, mostly, according to a multidisciplinary approach, with the contribution of scientists. High mountains and uplands landscapes : overall pictures, close-up and panoramic views with landform description (glaciated valley, slope, peak, lake, hill...), vegetation type (forest, heathland and moor, mat vegetation...), architecture (frame, monuments...), spacial organization (traditional agrosylvopastoral system...)

* Volume :

2864 ref. bound with 3150 analyses of ancient photographs.

About France : Aude (200 analyses), Pyrenees-orientales (390), Ariege (560), Haute-Garonne (900), Hautes-Pyrenees (300), Pyrenees-atlantiques (170), Landes-Gironde (60)

About Spain : Basque country (30 anal.), Navarra (30), Aragon (280), Catalonia (210)

About Andorra : 100 anal.

* Availability of pictures :

Photographs may be consulted at :

Archives départementales de la Haute-Garonne ;

11, boulevard Griffoul-Dorval ;

F-31400 Toulouse ;

France ;

tel : (33) 61. 52. 01. 64.

fax : (33) 61. 25. 01. 60.